• 1 Register
  • 2 Entries
  • 3 Items
  • 4 Review
  • 5 Pay
  • 6 Confirm
  • 7 Finish
Premium Books can be found at www.ramonajuniorfair.com
Exhibitor entries can now be completed and paid for online. Receipts should then submitted to your leader/advisor for verification.
2. First time login for this year’s fair, click Register and enter first and last name, contact information, and *password.
3. * You must remember your password; there is no easy way to reset it if you lose it!
4. Due to current situations, some classes may not be offered or may be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, RJF will issue a refund.
5. To enter classes, select the Department, Division, and Class. Then submit any additional information for the entry. Items with asterisks are required. Once complete, add the entry to the cart.
6. For market entries, please do not submit market entries until you have received RJF ear tag numbers from your leader/advisor.
7. When all entries are completed and entered to the cart, review all entries for any errors.
8. * Every exhibitor will be charged a one-time $5.00 Exhibitor fee in addition to the entries.
9. * Every Primary exhibitor will be charged a single $5.00 Primary Entry fee to cover all entry fees.
10. Remove and re-enter any incorrect classes OR if all entries are correct, submit for approval.
11. Camping is now paid for on Showorks as a Class listed under “RJF Additional Fees.”
12. When complete, submit for approval. Share entry summary as well as complete payment to your leader/advisor so that he/she may submit it with the club’s fees and entries. The Ramona Junior Fair will NOT be accepting club payments. All payments must be submitted individually by each exhibitor at check-out.
13. **First Aid forms must be completed online at https://www.tinyurl.com/RJFFirstAid This form must be completed BY July 17th for entries to be considered complete.
**Brand Inspection on cattle will be collected at weigh-in or must be turned in to the Livestock Office before opening ceremonies. Please see Market Exhibitor and Production Ultrasound Contest Rules for required documentation.
LEADER/ADVISOR ELIGIBILITY: Entry summaries must be approved by appropriately registered leaders/advisors. Entry forms electronically signed by unregistered leaders/advisors will result in those exhibitor entries being removed from fair. Signatures will be verified with the appropriate organization.
COMPLETED ENTRIES: Club leaders/advisors will be notified of their group entries after entries are received. Leaders/advisors must review group entries then submit any changes to the Livestock Office.
Overpaid fees and fees paid on entries made and not exhibited are non-refundable except as noted in the State Rules. Please pay attention to your entries to assure they are correct before submitting payment!
Questions regarding entries can be directed to Dani Upson at 858-395-6409 or at dupson@ramonajuniorfair.org.
If technical assistance is needed, please contact Diane Collins at 619-971-2690 or at dcollins@ramonajuniorfair.org.